What is a Harvest Membership?

Harvest Memberships are our farm's version of a CSA- Community-Supported Agriculture.  While there is no concrete definition of a CSA, it is a model that is essentially a 1:1  Farmer: Consumer relationship. Local farmers produce a planned amount of food for a set group of people in their community. Food that is usually grown with higher standards in mind.. and delivered weekly, with the greatest degree of freshness that can be made. Consumers benefit in many ways:

Your veggies will automatically taste better. Simply because they are fresh and naturally grown.

Learn about unique heirloom varieties and native species - Preserve our culture!

Support Sustainable Agriculture practices for a better future.

Access to food without herb/pesticide residue - which some have been proven to be carcinogenic and endocrine disruptive. 

You get to actually see where your food comes from!! 

Maximize value and minimize waste with sensible planning.

Huge savings compared to purchasing organic produce from grocers!

A healthier local habitat and investment into the local economy


Its the Real Real. 

You can be connected to the fact that natural disasters do happen more than what you see in the media and they affect many. Understand what goes into planning and providing food for a family. And foster an appreciation for the value of good health and nutrition.

We call our take on the CSA a Harvest Membership. It is basically a 14 week subscription- with weekly pickups at our farm of what is currently in harvest. ​You get a variety of 20+ vegetables and herbs which is unique by the week. Our Harvest Box will feed a family of 4-5 heartily through a week. We have a goal to minimize waste, so our pick-up is "market style".. as long as quantities are sufficient, you are welcome to pick what your family loves the most!

We offer a  unique option for smaller families- the Harvest Bag which is access to our produce- along with member-only varieties- for a 20% discount off market price. Members have less obligation to a set quantity, more flexibility in pick-ups, and all the access to the BEST vegetables in season!